Baboons’ Great Escape: Sunbathing Adventure Takes an Unexpected Turn as Lions Close In!

A troop of baboons at the MalaMala Game Reserve had an exhilarating sunbathing experience when they unexpectedly encountered a pride of lions crossing the bridge they were lounging on.

Captured on video by Mike Botes, a guide at the reserve, this thrilling encounter unfolded as the baboons scrambled to find safety under the bridge, surrounded by curious lions.

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The West Street Bridge, situated in the heart of the MalaMala concession, is a safe crossing point for the Sand River during the wet season.

Baboons are known to frequent this bridge due to its elevated vantage point, allowing them to keep a watchful eye out for potential threats. However, their relaxation was disrupted on that fateful day as the lion pride approached.

Image 337

As the lions casually strolled onto the bridge, catching the baboons by surprise, pandemonium ensued.


The baboons raised alarm calls, alerting all nearby animals and birds of the impending danger. Realizing the imminent threat, the baboons swiftly reacted and sought refuge under the bridge, where the lions could not easily reach them.

The lions seemed to find the bridge appealing and decided to bask in the sun alongside their newfound neighbors. The lions curiously peered over the edge throughout the encounter, observing the baboons hanging below.

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Despite being under the watchful eyes of the kings and queens of the jungle, the baboons displayed their cheeky nature. Clinging onto the metal bars beneath the bridge, they taunted the lions confidently, knowing they were safe from their pursuers.


Witnessing this extraordinary event, Mike Botes and his group were amazed as the baboons strategically outmaneuvered the lions, proving that quick thinking and adaptability could be life-saving in the wild.

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Watch the video below:

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