Baby alpaca runs over and hugs mom in touching scene

When it comes to cheering up moments, nothing can beat the animal kingdom. Wildlife is an endless source of heartwarming footage, and this adorable shot is no different!

When Sierra Santiago and his young daughter visited The Alpaca Boutique in Medina, Ohio, they never thought they would witness the sweetest sight ever. However, their hearts melted for a few seconds as an emotional moment unfolded right in front of their eyes.

Suddenly, a baby alpaca ran up to its mother to give her the biggest hug possible. Thankfully, Sierra caught the moment on her cell phone, and the internet loved it.

The short begins with Sierra’s daughter nervously stepping away from an alpaca. A baby alpaca can then be seen sprinting towards its mom and hugging her while standing on his hind legs.

“We just fed the animals, and the baby ran towards its mother,” the woman later said. “The results were we said awww at the end.”

It’s unclear what determined the baby alpaca’s surprising (and lovely) decision, but netizens are making their own speculations. Some people who watched the video said the child was jealous after the girl approached her beloved mother. “She’s MY mommy, not yours!” a perfect captioned of the moment!

See the heartwarming scene below:

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