Baby Deer Take Refuge in Woman’s Home as Storm Approaches

Have you ever noticed how your pets sense bad weather coming and rush indoors? Many pet owners wonder if animals possess a sixth sense or weather-detecting ability.

While they may not have a sixth sense, animals have heightened instincts and senses that allow them to detect subtle changes in the weather and environmental cues.

They can sense approaching storms, earthquakes, and even tsunamis. One woman’s act of kindness provides shelter for animals in need.


Amscolie, a wildlife rehabilitator based in the United States, captured attention on the internet with her heartwarming story about a deer seeking refuge inside her house.

Concerned about the fawns she cared for, Amscolie left her backdoor open, hoping they would find their way to safety.

The unexpected surprise: three baby deer comfortably nestled inside her home. When Amscolie checked outside, she didn’t find any animals.


Only upon returning indoors did she discover three baby deer had made themselves at home. Although their mother was nowhere to be seen, Amscolie hoped she was nearby, waiting for her fawns in the woods.

Relieved, she realized the adorable fawns were now safe from the impending storm.
Living near the woods, Amscolie often receives visits from woodland creatures. Amscolie resides in an area with wildlife like deer, squirrels, and possums.

Whenever these animals drop by, she willingly offers her time and resources to help them. Amscolie has cared for numerous orphaned baby deer, nursing them back to health before releasing them into the wild.


She even shares hugs and kisses with these gentle creatures. Animals love spending time with her dog, sometimes playing together through the glass doors.

Her compassionate actions serve as a reminder of the goodness in the world. Amscolie’s story serves as an inspiration for people to assist wildlife whenever possible.

Let’s spread this heartwarming tale and share the joy with friends and family. Click on the link below to watch the full video, and consider opening your backdoor when a storm approaches.


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