Baby Elephant Can’t Get Enough of Bath Time, Until Mom Intervenes

While most animals detest bath time, one baby elephant at Elephant Nature Park in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand, proves to be the exception.


The adorable elephant calf was caught on camera gleefully splashing in a tub, showing how much he enjoys getting wet.

In the video, the elephant dives headfirst into the water-filled tub, playfully rolling onto his side. Resting against the tub’s edge, he kicks his front legs, creating a shower of water that splashes onto the floor.


Later, the baby elephant stands with all four legs in the tub, fully submerging his trunk.

Incoming! The young mammal dives head-first into the bath full of water before falling over onto his side. Source: YouTube/elephantnews

As the calf struggles to fit in the small tub, he gives up on sitting down and starts spinning in place.

This causes even more water to splash out of the tub, which only excites him further, leading to a back leg kick. He then attempts to sit again, uses his tiny trunk to suck up water, and sprays it all around.


The video turns unexpectedly when the baby elephant’s mother approaches the bathtub and drags it away with her trunk while her little one is still inside.

Fun, fun, fun! The elephant rests on the edge of the tub and kicks his front legs excitedly before standing up. Source: YouTube/elephantnews
The youngster submerges his trunk in the water while standing on all fours inside the shallow bathtub. Source: YouTube/elephantnews
Round we go! The elephant became more excited after turning and causing water to splash over the side. Source: YouTube/elephantnews

The sudden movement causes the calf to topple over. But the clever youngster doesn’t let that dampen his spirits, as he can be seen heading straight under his mother’s belly to reclaim his beloved tub.

This isn’t the first instance of a baby elephant’s bath time antics being captured on film. Earlier this year, another elephant calf was recorded enjoying a bath at The Royal Elephant Kraal and Village in Ayutthaya, Thailand, while a Danish tourist attempted to hose him down.

We are going to need a bigger tub! The elephant struggles to fit in the small bucket due to his large size. Source: YouTube/elephantnews
The baby sucks water up in his tiny trunk and sprays it out to soak the area around the small bathtub. Source: YouTube/elephantnews
That’s enough! Baby gets quite the shock when his mum approaches and decides she wants the tub. Source: YouTube/elephantnews
Timber! The little mammal falls over onto his side as the tub is taken away from him by his mother. Source: YouTube/elephantnews
The crafty youngster appears to have the last laugh, however, and walks back to the tub underneath the larger elephant. Source: YouTube/elephantnews

Watch the video below:

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