Baby elephant can’t stop following her rescuer

A baby elephant was found alone and lost, standing in shallow water after a big storm. Moyo, the baby elephant, was only a few days old at that time.

Moyo has been abandoned by her herd and was very scared. Fortunately, rangers came to aid as soon as a pack of hyenas began to surround her.

From there, she was taken to the ‘Wild Is Life’ sanctuary. There, the founder of the organization, Roxy Danckwerts, became Moyo’s new mother.

Moyo could recognize Roxy’s voice and can tell where she is at all times. The two have an unlikely friendship. However, Roxy wanted what’s best for the baby elephant. It is the freedom to roam and be free.

Moyo was the first rescue elephant at Wild Is Life. Meanwhile, she is currently the protectorate of the nursery and is helping the organization a lot.

According to Roxy, Moyo changed her life. She loved elephants forever, but she wanted to do more. Roxy said that the friendly elephant was a teacher to her.

Now, Moyo is all grown up and happier and healthier than ever. She and Wild Is Life have come a long way; it has been almost 7 years.

Elephants are the largest land animals, and African elephants are the largest of all elephants. They are currently endangered, existing due to poaching for the illegal ivory trade.

In addition, these elephants help to maintain habitats for many other species. Furthermore, in the forests of Central Asia alone, about 30% of tree species require elephants to support them with germination. Thus, suggesting that they play a key role in shaping their habitats.

Their population has been severely reduced. Therefore, reserves like Wild Is Life are important.

Wishing Moyo and Roxy a life full of happiness!

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