Baby Elephant Caught Red-Handed Sneaking Sugarcane in Thailand Hilariously Tries to Hide

A naughty baby elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was recently caught stealing sugarcane from a local field. In a humorous attempt to evade capture, the elephant tried to hide behind a narrow light pole, despite being much more prominent and easily visible.

The elephant was spotted in the mountainous northern region of the country. Upon noticing approaching humans, it was seemingly believed that the slender pole could provide sufficient cover.

As the people shined a light on its poorly chosen hiding spot, the baby elephant stood motionless, hoping to remain undetected.

A cheeky baby elephant that was caught eating sugarcane in a field in Thailand chose a light pole as its rather conspicuous hiding spot when people approached to investigate (pictured). Source: Daily Mail

There are approximately 2,000 wild elephants in Thailand, with a similar number in captivity. These majestic animals roam the country’s dense jungles and protected national parks.

However, conflicts can arise when they come into contact with human activity, such as farming and food gathering.

Elephants, the national animal of Thailand, are a protected species. Killing them can result in a maximum prison sentence of three years and a fine of 1,000 baht (~$29). Elephants have been integral to Thai culture for centuries but were classified as endangered in Thailand in 1986.


The Indian elephant, a subspecies of the Asian elephant, is native to Thailand. It can be distinguished from its African counterpart by its smaller ears.

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