Baby elephant cried for five hours after the mother tried to stamp him shortly after birth

At first, the mother kicked him and then threw him from one corner to the other, forcing the keeper to separate them.

In May of that year, a female elephant gave birth at the Shendiaoshan Wildlife Sanctuary in Rongcheng, China. Metro newspaper reported.

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A manager immediately separated the calf from the mother to prevent any further injuries.

Playful: Zhuangzhuang with his keeper after being abandoned and attacked by his mother just after his birth.

They then named the child Zhuang Zhuang. The heartbreaking thing is that Zhuang could not bear to leave her mother despite being attacked by her mother. The calf went crazy, and it cried for 5 hours before being comforted,” a staff member said.

Distressed: The calf was born on August 30 and his mother rejected him immediately.

“He couldn’t bear breaking up with his mother, and it was his mother who was trying to get rid of him.” The heartbreaking image of the show of the casket was heartbroken, tears streaming down his face.

Red-eyed: The baby cried for five hours after he was separated from his parent and is now being brought up by keepers.

Zhuang was lying under a blanket; however, he couldn’t stop crying. Keepers have watched the child closely, but with time it has improved, keepers said.

On the other hand, they observed that the mother elephant exhibited anorexia. The veterinarian thought it was depressed, which might explain why she did the same to her baby. Regarding her calf crying, the University of California’s Santa Barbara discussed her method of expressing emotions.

The university has provided a detailed explanation of why elephants cry. It states: “The answer to this question depends on how you designate crying.”


“If you suggest that you shed tears or release tears by crying, the answer is definitely yes. Suppose all or nearly all terrestrial mammals release tears to protect and lubricate their eyes, including yours! Because mammals (and you) have eyes that move in their sockets, and your eyes need to be wet to move appropriately, this is important.

Tears help removes dirt or any potentially harmful particles that get out of your eyes. It is the same with elephants. Suppose you are only going to cry to suggest emotional tears. In that case, the answer to your question is a little more complicated.”

Angry elephant: The calf’s mother was chased away from her baby as she had tried to kill him.

“It can be easily revealed that elephants shed tears. However, it cannot be pointed out that these are due to emotions, so we cannot really assert that elephants cry out of feeling. (As for elephant habits, especially when it comes to tears, such as the death of a newborn). “


According to PBS, elephants are consistently known to exhibit human-like symptoms when it comes to joy and even sadness. Some scientists recommend that these organisms even be able to recall memories and correspond with the dead so much attention that they have their own principles of a person’s loss.

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