Baby Elephant Genius: Adorable Calf Manages Water Pump to Hydrate

Elephants’ boundless charm and wit have won many internet users’ hearts, and this affection seems to grow even more when it involves a baby elephant.

The latest video to go viral spotlights an endearing baby elephant showcasing not only its cuteness but also its intelligence.

Though brief, the short video effectively demonstrates these magnificent animals’ astonishing cognitive abilities in their interaction with human-made devices.


A video that’s taking the internet by storm features a young elephant, only nine months old, born in Central Pillkhana, Jaldapara, located in India’s West Bengal state.

The video is thirty seconds of sheer delight, showing the baby elephant cleverly operating a hand pump to drink water.

The calf uses its trunk skillfully to initiate the pump, patiently waits for the water to flow, then drinks directly from the nozzle, mirroring human actions in a captivating display of understanding and intelligence.


Videos featuring elephants, particularly their young, often gain significant popularity across social media platforms, their charming blend of thoughtfulness and cuteness captivating netizens worldwide.

This recent footage will undoubtedly make anyone who enjoys watching these awe-inspiring animals smile.

Residents of the Jaldapara forest, where this heartening incident occurred, shared the event online. They added context to the narrative, reporting that the baby elephant had observed locals drinking water from the pump.


Motivated by curiosity, the young elephant decided to give it a go, ultimately performing the task flawlessly. This proves the elephant’s trunk is as versatile as human hands with opposable thumbs.

This story further underscores why elephants are considered among the most intelligent animals. The young elephant’s mother was rescued and resided in Central Pillkhana in Jaldapara, a national park in the Himalayan range’s eastern foothills.

This park is home to West Bengal’s largest population of the critically endangered one-horned Indian rhinoceros, among other wildlife, including gaurs, wild boars, hog deer, spotted deer, barking deer, sambar, elephants, and leopards.


But this isn’t the first viral video starring a baby elephant. Another video showed a playful young tusker chasing birds, delighting viewers.

A grown elephant named Rupa from Maharashtra’s Elephant Camp in Kamalapur, Gadchiroli district, was even caught operating a similar hand pump on camera. Rupa has a designated pool for drinking but prefers the hand pump, even once drinking water directly from a pipe.

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