Baby elephant has the time of its young life in the bath

Most animals hate bath time with passion, but this baby elephant refuses to follow the crowd – he absolutely loves it.

Captured on camera at Elephant Nature Park in Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand, is when a baby elephant splashes in the bathtub.

The cute footage shows the young mammal diving first into a tub full of water before collapsing on his side.

Incoming! The young mammal dives head-first into the bath full of water before falling over onto his side

Fun Fun Fun! The elephant rest on the side of the tub and excitedly kicked his front legs before getting up

He rested on the side of the tub and kicked his front legs – causing water to splash out of the tub and onto the floor.

Then the baby elephant is filmed standing on all fours legs in the tub while pressing his trunk in the water.

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He struggled to fit in the small tub due to his size and, after giving up trying to sit in the water, he bounced back on the spot.

This movement causes the water to splash to the side again, which only gets the mammal even more excited – he kicks off with one of his hind legs.

The boy submerges his trunk in the water while standing on all fours inside the shallow bathtub.

Round we go! The elephant became more excited after turning around, causing the water to splash over the side.

We’ll need a bigger tub! The elephant struggled to fit the small bucket due to his large size

He then managed to sit down again before sucking up the water in his tiny trunk and spewing it out to soak the area around him.

The video ends with the baby elephant getting quite the shock as his mom approaches the tub and pulls it to the left with her trunk, with the baby still inside.

This movement caused the little mammal to fall on his side as the tub was taken away from him.

However, the crafty boy seems to have had his last laugh and can be seen walking straight after his mother towards his plaything.

Baby sucks water in his tiny trunk and spits it out to soak the area around the small bathtub.

That’s enough! The baby was quite shocked when his mother approached and decided that she wanted the tub

Timber! The small mammal fell on his side when the tub was taken away by his mom

This is not the first time a baby elephant has been filmed splashing in a bathtub.

In March of this year, an elephant was filmed having a great time in the bathtub while at the Royal Elephant Village and Village in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

In the clip, the young mammal bathes enthusiastically while a Danish tourist struggles to rinse it off with a hose.

However, the cunning young man seemed to have the last laugh and returned to the tub underneath the larger elephant.

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