Baby elephant helped to wake his mom after she was reassured during a rescue

The moment a baby elephant helped wake up its mother after she was tranquilized during a rescue operation to save him has been captured on camera.

The little calf can be seen trying to help the vet inject the antidote and clinging to its mother’s ear with his trunk as she comes around in these adorable photos.

The extraordinary moment came after a wild mother elephant became frantic as she tried to help her three-week-old cub out of a man-made pit near a village at the southern end of South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

It is assumed that the couple stayed at the location all night, and both became very distressed.

The villagers heard her mother’s cry, and teams from Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) and wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Sichande, were called in the next morning.

They are forced to immobilize the anxious mom in an attempt to find her child.

Rachel McRobb, CEO and co-founder of CSL, said: “After mom lay down, the baby was small enough, we were able to lift him out of the hole and carry him about 30 meters back to mom. “.

The team then brought the calf back to his sleeping mom before giving her the antidote.

The adorable moment the little boy walked in and apparently tried to help the vet inject an antidote before patiently waiting for his mother to walk away was later captured on camera.

Rachel added: “She was a bit defensive for a minute when we put her down and then decided our vet would help and wouldn’t leave him alone.

“The baby didn’t mind Dr. Sichande administering the antidote in his presence and ended up getting in the way trying to help.

“We reversed the mom with an antidote, and as soon as she started to stand up, the baby suckled immediately. He must have been starving from all night in the pit.

“People then happily wondered off.”

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