Baby Elephant Runs Like a Playful Pup to Greet Her Favorite Human

Elephants are renowned for their incredible intelligence and remarkable memories. The touching video below showcases the enduring memory of an elephant and the power of kindness.

Meet Khɑm Lhɑ, a rescued elephant residing at the Elephant Nature Park, located approximately 60 miles outside Chiɑng Mɑi in Thɑilɑnd.

Throughout her rehabilitation journey, Khɑm Lhɑ has developed a deep bond with Dɑrrick, a dedicated park staff member.


Khɑm Lhɑ and several other elephants were freed from the tourism industry and found solace at the sanctuary. Dɑrrick stood by her side, displaying love and compassion towards the group.

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In the words of Lek Chɑilert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park, “From the first day, he showed love and kindness to their group. It did not take long for them to love and accept him back.”

The profound affection between Khɑm Lhɑ and Dɑrrick is evident in a heartwarming video shared by Chɑilert. As Dɑrrick steps outside and calls for Khɑm Lhɑ, she eagerly races towards him, resembling an exuberant and joyful puppy.


Numerous online videos beautifully capture the extraordinary bond shared by Dɑrrick and Khɑm Lhɑ. Their heartwarming connection is a testament to the transformative power of love and kindness, showcasing how they can nurture remarkable friendships.

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