Baby Elephant Stuck in Mud Rescued and Reunited with Mother at Kenyan Safari Park

A baby elephant, barely visible due to being covered in mud, was successfully rescued and reunited with its worried mother after tourists at Tsavo East National Park in Kenya noticed its tiny trunk waving for help.

The male calf had been trapped in a muddy hole for hours before the tourists alerted tour guides to its plight, prompting a rescue operation.

Image 219
Trapped: Tourists raised the alarm after seeing a baby elephant’s trunk moving around in a mud hole as they were driving through Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Source: Daily Mail

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) and anti-poaching officers came together to save the baby elephant.


The calf’s mother, who had already attempted to rescue her baby, watched as the team used straps to protect the young elephant. After 30 minutes of effort, the group managed to free the calf.

Image 220
Rescue: Teams of experts were called in and used straps as they tried to drag the young elephant out of the mud hole. Source: Daily Mail

Angela Sheldrick, CEO of DSWT, recounted the event, explaining that the calf’s mother had been trying to save her baby for hours.

The mother initially seemed agitated and mock-charged at the rescuers but eventually seemed to understand they were helping her calf.


Once the baby elephant was on its feet, it quickly ran to its mother, leading to a heartwarming reunion as the rest of the herd returned to celebrate.

Image 221
Concealed: The calf had wandered into a muddy hole at Tsavo East National Park in Kenya and had been trapped for hours. Source: Daily Mail
Image 223
The young animal’s mother was nearby as the rescue operation took place and appeared agitated as the team approached her calf. Source: Daily Mail

The DSWT has been involved in numerous successful rescues and reunions of elephant calves with their families over the years.

Sheldrick expressed joy when such efforts have positive outcomes, as with this baby elephant and its mother.

Image 224
Rescuers believe the mother had already tried and failed to save her baby, which was thought to have been trapped for hours. Source: Daily Mail
Image 225
As the men launched their rescue bid, the calf’s mother started to ‘mock charge’ – but she later seemed to realize the team was helping. Source: Daily Mail
Image 226
Rescuers were forced to work quickly to ease the calf to safety, moving it to the harder edges of the waterhole using straps. Source: Daily Mail
Image 227
Hidden: The calf was almost completely concealed by mud in a waterhole at Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Source: Daily Mail
Image 228
Lucky escape: Eagle-eyed tourists raised the alarm after spotting the elephant’s tiny trunk waving about in the thick mud. Source: Daily Mail
Image 229
Rescuers said the mud had been churned up even further by the mother as she tried to free her calf. Source: Daily Mail
Image 230
The young elephant was slowly dragged out of the thick mud until it could move its legs and push its way onto firmer ground. Source: Daily Mail
Image 231
The baby elephant had wandered into a waterhole in Tsavo National Park and lacked the strength to pull its way out of thick mud. Source: Daily Mail
Image 222
Happy ending: There was a ‘joyful reunion’ when the calf was freed, and he immediately began to suckle as the rest of the herd returned in celebration. Source: Daily Mail
Image 232
Family: The herd (pictured) welcomed the young animal back after its grueling experience. Source: Daily Mail

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