Baby elephant stumbles in adorable photos

Photographer Kevin Dooley, 58, was leading a safari in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa, when the group came across a herd of elephants by a dust hole.

A safari tour guide from New Mexico, USA, quickly took out his camera when a baby elephant slipped and fell while trying to get down.

Lovely snaps show the baby elephant falling and capture the moment it stands up from its fall to rejoin the group.

Fortunately, the elephant fell but was unharmed and continued to play in the dust as if nothing had happened.

Kevin said: “We take our safari guests every day in search of amazing wildlife sightings.

“A baby elephant decided to take a dust bath in the iron-rich red soil, but it couldn’t step down into the dust pit and ended up slipping and falling.

“I saw the elephant trying to find its way into the dust, back and forth, trying to get its feet down in the dust hole. I wonder if he would succeed when he fell.

“I love any wildlife photos that tell a story and share the amazing things these animals do in the wild.

“The elephant was not injured in any way. In fact, he liked to tumble as a small child would. He was happy and continued to have a great time in the dirt.”

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