Baby Elephant Turns on Rescuers After Being Freed from Mud

A team of hunters found themselves in a precarious situation when they attempted to save a baby elephant trapped in the mud.


They stumbled upon the young elephant, submerged up to its neck in a muddy puddle, and opted to engage in conservation efforts.

However, the hunters were caught off guard when the rescued elephant turned on them. After pulling the animal out with a rope, they were forced to flee as the stressed elephant prepared to charge.


Thankfully, neither the rescuers nor the elephant were injured in the incident. When they encountered the baby elephant, the professional photo guide Norman Crooks was with the group in Chirundu, Zimbabwe.

Image 246
A group of hunters rescued a baby elephant that was stuck up to its neck in a muddy puddle. Source: Daily Mail

He explained that a National Parks and Wildlife member found the young animal stuck in the mud, with its exhausted mother nearby.

Upon the group’s arrival, the mother charged at them, prompting them to call for help from a nearby hunting camp.


Crooks and others abandoned their buffalo hunt to assist in the rescue effort. He emphasized that stuck animals often don’t survive for long, especially with temperatures reaching 42 degrees Celsius and the stress of the struggle.

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Source: Daily Mail
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The elephant, who was less than three years old, had been stuck in the mud all night and was struggling in the sweltering conditions. Source: Daily Mail

Crooks recounted the dramatic rescue, noting the elephant’s aggression and successful extraction using their Jeep.

The rescuers cooled the elephant off by pouring water before attempting to pull it out with a rope attached to a winch on their Jeep. After several pulls, the young elephant was out and immediately charged the rescuers.


Luckily, the rope loosened, allowing the elephant to reunite with a nearby herd. Crooks confirmed that the baby elephant was reunited with its mother and sibling the following day, resulting in a heartwarming conclusion to the rescue.

Image 243
Conservation students first saw the stricken elephant in Chirundu, Zimbabwe, before the hunters were called in to help. Source: Daily Mail
Video The Hunters Were Charged After Rescuing Baby Elephant From The Mud 3
The men used ropes to pull the animal free – but the stressed elephant decided to turn on them. Source: Daily Mail
Video The Hunters Were Charged After Rescuing Baby Elephant From The Mud 2
The hunters poured water on the elephant to keep him cool in the oppressive 42-degree heat. Source: Daily Mail
Video The Hunters Were Charged After Rescuing Baby Elephant From The Mud 1
The rescuers were able to get out of the way before they or the elephant was hurt, and he was later reunited with his family. Source: Daily Mail

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