Baby Elephant’s Adorable Struggle to Understand Its Trunk

This heartwarming story features a baby elephant’s amusing attempts to comprehend its own trunk.

The delightful footage captures the young calf swinging its trunk around, seemingly baffled by its purpose.

Watch the video at the end.

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The adorable footage of the baby elephant twirling his trunk was filmed in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Source: Daily Mail
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Hilarious footage shows the young animal spinning his trunk through the air and swinging it from side to side. Source: Daily Mail

The video, filmed by Mario Paul in the Pretoriuskop region of South Africa’s renowned Kruger National Park, shows the baby elephant trying to make sense of its trunk by swinging it through the air and from side to side.

In one instance, the little elephant even tries stepping on its trunk, apparently unsure of its function.

Surrounded by its family in the park, the baby elephant looks utterly perplexed. With ears flapping, it twirls and swings its trunk, attempting to use it to grasp at the grass nearby.


Meanwhile, the adult elephants in the area seem completely unconcerned by the youngster’s confusion.

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The baby appeared confused about the facial feature and is seen swinging it from side to side continuously. Source: Daily Mail
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With ears flapping in the wind, the animal twirls and swings his trunk before attempting to grab at the grass. Source: Daily Mail
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The video was filmed by Mario Paul in the Pretoriuskop region of South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park. Source: Daily Mail

As a vital part of an elephant’s anatomy, the trunk serves as an extension of the upper lip and nose. It plays a crucial role in the communication and handling of objects, including food.

Watch the video below:


Via: Daily Mail


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