Baby Elephant’s Clever Water-Pumping Skills Delight the Internet

A video of a baby elephant learning to operate a hand pump for water has gone viral in a heartwarming scene that has captured the attention of animal lovers everywhere.

The video showcases the remarkable intelligence and interaction between these majestic creatures and the tools created by humans.

Watch the video at the end.


The short yet captivating half-minute video stars a 9-month-old baby elephant at the Pillkhanɑ Center in Jɑldɑpɑrɑ, West Bengɑl, India. In the footage, the baby elephant adeptly uses its trunk to manipulate a hand pump, initiating the water flow.

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Once the water starts gushing, the little elephant eagerly quenches its thirst from the faucet, mirroring human-like control over machinery.

Elephant videos are renowned for their popularity on social media platforms, evoking awe and adoration from netizens worldwide. The gentle giant’s ability to master a seemingly intricate task like working a hand pump adds charm, especially when it’s a playful baby elephant.


This heartening moment, captured by residents of the Jɑldɑpɑrɑ forest in West Bengɑl, highlights the connection between these elephants and the community. Local accounts reveal that the baby elephant was inspired by observing villagers using the hand pump for water.

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The curious calf’s successful attempt at mimicking this action showcases the astonishing talent of its trunk, which can perform tasks akin to human hands.

The intelligence of elephants is further demonstrated by the fact that the baby elephant’s mother was rescued and cared for at the Pillkhanɑ Center.


Situated in the Himalayan foothills, this national park is home to elephants and hosts the largest population of single-horned Indian rhinoceros in West Bengɑl. The park’s rich biodiversity includes gɑurs, deer species, and leopards.

This heartwarming video isn’t the sole instance of elephants showcasing their ingenuity. A viral video captures a young elephant playfully engaging with a flock of birds.

In a different location, an adult elephant named Rupɑ was caught on camera displaying the same water-pumping skill in the Mɑhɑrɑshtrɑ state’s Gɑdchiroli district.


While elephants have access to a dedicated swimming pool for drinking, Rupɑ’s preference for the hand pump demonstrates their remarkable adaptability and resourcefulness.

The bond between humans and these intelligent animals continues to inspire and amaze them as they navigate the world with surprising finesse.

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