Baby Elephants Share “Trunk Cuddles” With Keeper, Internet Goes Aww

In a delightful display of affection and empathy, two baby elephants at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya have captured hearts worldwide with their endearing “trunk cuddles” for their keeper.

The heartwarming moment was caught on camera and shared on Reddit, quickly becoming an internet sensation.

Baby elephants love their keeper
by u/westcoastcdn19 in AnimalsBeingBros

The short video clip, accompanied by the caption “Baby elephants love their keeper,” showcases the adorable tuskers tenderly wrapping their trunks around their caretaker’s body.


The genuine bond between the baby elephants and their keeper is undeniable, melting the hearts of viewers and reinforcing the idea that animals communicate through the language of love.

Since its upload, the video has received an overwhelming response, amassing over 33,000 upvotes and thousands of comments from people touched by the incredible display of affection.

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Users expressed their delight, commenting, “This must be the best feeling getting trunk cuddles,” while another expressed their desire for a similar bond, saying, “Gosh, I would love to have this relationship with these beautiful elephants! Simply the best!”


The heartwarming interaction between the baby elephants and their keeper struck an emotional chord with many.

One user exclaimed, “This is just the content I needed to see today. DAY MADE and Heart Strings pulled to the fullest extent,” another shared, “I love seeing this bond! The trust and love these animals show him; they know he loves them!”

In addition to this adorable video, another amusing encounter between a US-based model and a playful baby elephant was recently shared on social media.


During her visit to a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the energetic baby elephant playfully bumped into Megan Milan, toppling her to the ground and even managing to tear her skirt as he rolled on top of her.

These heartwarming and funny moments remind us of the unique connections that can form between humans and animals, transcending language barriers and leaving us with a warm feeling in our hearts.

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