Baby Seal Surprises Surfers in San Diego, Poses for Unforgettable Photos

In a heartwarming and unexpected encounter, a baby seal brought joy to a group of surfers from San Diego, California.

The adorable incident, captured by ‘Drone Dude Ed’ on Pacific Beach, unfolded on June 18 while the surfers were gathered in the water for a meeting.

Watch the video at the end.


The amazing video showcases the playful baby seal hopping from one surfboard to another, much to the astonishment of the surfers.

At one point, the seal even waves its fin at the drone, capturing the incredible moment from above.

A baby seal stunned surfers when it swam up to them and hopped on their boards to pose for snaps.

Surfer Kim Evgenia described the experience as “the most beautiful thing that has ever happened” to her, expressing her gratitude to ‘Drone Dude Ed’ for immortalizing the encounter.


The local community was equally enthralled, with one person describing it as “absolutely incredible” and another saying their heart would have stopped from sheer delight.

While some speculated that the friendly seal might have been escaping a predator or searching for a new home, others suggested that it could be the pup of a seal killed by a great white shark in the area a few days earlier.

The unusual encounter occurred on Saturday in San Diego as several surfers held a line-up meeting in the water.

Concerned about the well-being of the seal, the surfers alerted SeaWorld officials, who promptly dispatched a team of experts to assess the situation.


After evaluating the pup, SeaWorld determined that the intervention was unnecessary as it appeared old enough to take care of itself.

Although surfers claimed that the pup’s mother had passed away, there were no official reports of a dead seal in the area.

The video shows the cute baby seal hopping from surfboard to surfboard as the group looks on in shock.

SeaWorld encourages anyone who discovers a deceased marine animal on the beach to contact the San Diego Environmental Services Department or the Southwest Fisheries Science Center.


This heartwarming and extraordinary encounter between the surfers and the baby seal serves as a reminder of the incredible bond that can form between humans and wildlife, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to witness such moments.

In one scene, the pup appears to wave its fin at the drone, filming the incredible encounter from the air.
The heartwarming footage was captured by a drone deployed by Ed Hartel, who had been trying to capture footage of a seal pup.
Witnesses said the pup was unusually friendly and seemed unafraid of the group of surfers.
Nearby SeaWorld officials were informed of the incident and sent a team of experts to check on the animal.
A SeaWorld spokesperson said: ‘There was no need to intervene as the pup appeared to be old enough to care for itself.’
The spokesperson added that there had been no reports of a dead seal in the area after surfers claimed the pup’s mother had died.
“Basically, he swims from board to board, jumping on different surfers’ boards. He’ll sit there for five to 10 minutes and then paddle to another surfer’s board, and he does it all morning long,”
Despite the show of affection, surfers did the right thing and did not touch the seal, as advised by wildlife officials.
Beach visitors theorized a seal killed by a great white shark in the area a few days earlier was the pup’s mother.

Watch the video below:

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