Bear Breaks into Colorado Home, Attempts Daring Escape Through Window

In a remarkable incident, a massive bear managed to enter a residence in Colorado and captivated onlookers as it dared to escape through an upstairs window.

The thrilling spectacle was caught on video by a vigilant neighbor who noticed the bear creeping around the house.

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Heidi Hannah, the neighbor, quickly realized that the homeowner was absent when the bear broke into the greenhouse in Steamboat Springs. Concerned, she promptly called the police for assistance.

The bear had accessed the home by tearing through a downstairs window and traversing the house before embarking on its ambitious bid for freedom from the upper floor.

The unexpected visitor at the Steamboat Springs residence spent several minutes gauging whether he could make the jump from the second-story window.

The unexpected visitor clung to the window for several minutes, attempting to lower himself to the ground.


However, it ultimately decided the drop was too great and retreated back into the house through its initial entry point, disappearing into the surrounding woods.

The homeowner, Ryan MacFarlane, learned about the uninvited guest while he was at work.

The bear spent several minutes hanging from the window, swinging around.

MacFarlane recounted the incident, saying, “The bear got his nails in there and just ripped that window right open, and got inside and helped himself to my pork chops I had out for dinner that night, got some snacks out of the pantry, and knocked over the plants – nothing too crazy.”


Although MacFarlane was initially worried about extensive damage, he expressed relief that the bear had been a considerate guest, causing only minimal interior harm.

During its escapade, the brown bear managed to secure some pork chops and snacks from the pantry, inadvertently locking itself in a bathroom for a brief period.

Eventually, the wild animal decided the jump was too risky and began climbing back into the bedroom window.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife representative explained that this time of year is when bears become more active, particularly as they prepare for winter by consuming other food.


To prevent unpleasant encounters with hungry bears, it is essential to adopt habits that discourage wildlife from entering residential areas.

Some recommended practices include securing trash bins, ensuring all doors and windows are closed, and making food inaccessible to wildlife, including gardens, if necessary.

The bear got back in, where a police officer had left the door to the bedroom open.

Additionally, cleaning barbecue grills after each use, harvesting fruit before it ripens, and promptly removing fallen fruit from fruit-producing plants are advised.


It is also recommended to eliminate any scented items, such as air fresheners and coolers, from vehicles to avoid attracting bears.

And the bear made it downstairs and exited through the same window he broke in.

Watch the video below:

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