Bear Cub Learns to Climb with Sibling and Protective Mother

Witness an adorable moment as a mischievous bear cub playfully peeks its head around a tree, seemingly seeking attention, while honing its climbing skills alongside its sibling and attentive mother.

In a secluded forest in northern Finland, these cute cubs cautiously made their way up a tree, eager to showcase their newfound abilities.

One of the bear cubs pokes its head around a tree as it climbs with its sibling and mother in a forest in northern Finland.

Their vigilant mother closely monitored their progress, offering gentle encouragement when they paused just a few feet off the forest floor.


The mother bear’s guidance in teaching her cubs to climb serves multiple purposes, including enabling them to evade potential dangers, source food, and secure a safe resting place.

The bear stopped after climbing a few feet and appeared as though it was contemplating whether to climb even higher or descend.

The enchanting scene was captured by wildlife photographer Tuomo Bjorksten, who explained that the mother bear directed her cubs up the tree to ensure their safety, as a male bear was in the vicinity.

Bjorksten, 33, shared, “There were two or three cubs with their mum, practicing climbing. The cubs looked happy that they had finally mastered it.”


The cubs attentively observed their mother’s movements, and after a while, she aided in their safe descent.

The cubs tentatively made their way up the tree and appeared to be proud of their progress while their mother stood nearby.

Finland’s tourism bureau estimates the country’s vast forests are home to around 1,500 brown bears.

Bjorksten further revealed, “It’s rare to see bears in Finland by simply venturing into a forest. We used preparations like food as a temptation for the bears.


This is why we were sure we would see the bears.” He added that they spent over 14 hours in a hideout for their safety, and the bears didn’t take long to appear.

Their mum kept a close watch and gave them an encouraging nudge after they stopped just a few feet off the forest floor.

While there were moments when the forest seemed empty, the cubs emerged shortly after they settled in the hideout.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Bjorksten shared his experience, saying, “I was very moved when I saw the mother coming to the cub as if to say, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.’


I believe animals have feelings, too – even if they can’t express them in words. I was thrilled to witness the bear mother with her cubs, and I’m delighted that I was able to capture this extraordinary moment on camera.”

The scene was caught on camera by wildlife photographer Tuomo Bjorksten, who spent 14 hours photographing wildlife in the forest.
The mother bear was teaching her cubs to climb so they could escape danger, source food, or even find a place to rest in the future
Bjorksten, the 33-year-old photographer, said the cubs looked ‘really happy’ that they had finally mastered the tree.
Bjorksten said the cubs watched their mum carefully as they learned to climb, and after a while, she helped to bring them down safely.
Finland’s adult brown bears can weigh more than 650 lbs and are known to hunt large animals such as deer or elk.
Finland’s tourism bureau said there are an estimated 1,500 brown bears in the country’s vast forests, and encounters are rare.
Bear-watching trips run between April and September, and the densely forested borderlands of Eastern Finland are an ideal destination.
Bjorksten said he waited more than 14 hours in a tiny hideout, but this family of bears approached shortly after he took his position.

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