Bear Makes Surprise Appearance in Work Truck for Lunchtime Feast

A bear in New Hampshire took an unconventional lunch break when it decided to enjoy its meal in the wilderness and inside a work truck.

Milinda Stark Scott, the owner of American Plate Glass, captured the astonishing moment on June 14 when a bear made it home in one of their trucks, happily indulging in some snacks.

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In a video shared by Scott, Curtis Fiedler, an employee, can be heard asking her over FaceTime, “What do you think is in that truck right now?”

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The camera then reveals the unexpected guest: a black bear comfortably feasting inside the truck.

With surprised laughter, one employee exclaims, “It’s a freaking black bear eating Charlie’s nuts in the front seat of the truck!”Another explains how the bear managed to get inside: “It climbed through the open window.”

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Amidst laughter, Scott relays the hilarious incident over the phone. The employees had just finished a job and were moving their tools when they spotted the furry intruder.

Joey Carter, one of the workers, described the scene, saying, “I ran up to find the bear eating nuts. The bear sat there for five to 10 minutes and then grabbed my cooler.”

Scott’s initial reaction was disbelief, thinking someone was playing a prank on her by dressing up as a bear.

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She recalled, “The bear was sitting like a human with his arm out the window.” The bear seemed to have developed a liking for Charlie’s trail mix, a regular item in his lunchbox.

Scott recounted, “Tim jumped up on one of our vans and started waving his hands at the bear.”

However, the bear’s appetite led it to explore different lunchboxes. It finally matched with a red lunchbox with a tricky zipper.

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After its unsuccessful attempt, the bear left the truck without causing any damage. Scott humorously wrote, “There was no damage. You would never know other than that the bear ate Charlie’s nuts, and we all saw it.”

Following its adventure, the bear took a brief nap nearby before observing the workers from a distance. In a lighthearted post, Scott joked, “Clark’s Trading Post, are you missing a Bear?

American Plate Glass has hired him for the summer.” The bear, affectionately named “Barry,” jokingly had a job at the company.

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In a playful tone, they mentioned, “‘Barry’ the bear has unfortunately been terminated from American Plate Glass due to stealing, working out of uniform, and having ‘bear’ feet in the glass industry.”

The amusing incident led to a heartwarming gesture, as someone sent replacement peanuts to Charlie on behalf of “Barry, the hungry Bear.”

Scott saw the bear’s visit as a spiritual sign, returning memories of her late husband, Doug, who used to run the business with her.

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She emotionally shared, “He would sit in that seat with his arm out that window… And I went, ‘Oh, my God. It’s Doug.’ I believe he sends us messages regularly.”

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Watch the video below:

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