Beautiful Lynx turns her head as she casually walks down the street

The lynx is one of four species of short-tailed cats in the family called Felidae. They are found in the forests of Europe, Asia and North America. The lynx are long-legged, large-pawed cats with furry ears, feathery soles, and broad, short heads.

Its coat, which forms a dense undercoat on the neck, is greyish-brown and beige and slightly spotted with brown and black, and the tip of its tail and tufts of its ears are black. In winter, the coat is thick and smooth, with hairs up to 10 cm long. They are usually reticent and are considered nocturnal animals except during their mating season.

Recently, a woman named Allison Burton was staying at her home when she suddenly saw a hairy animal walking on the streets; at first, she thought it was a huge dog, but initially, she realized it was a lynx.

“I’ve never seen it in real life,” Allison said. “I was delighted and amazed to see this beautiful creature walking so close.”

She ran straight up to the lynx to snap a photo of such a unique sight, and we’re so glad she did. Surprisingly, the lynx didn’t run away or panic but instead walked gently and slowly through the streets. So Allison tried to take as many photos as possible. There were other trolleys on the streets, but no one was surprised by its presence.

“It was so majestic and happy to be in its own little world, doing its own thing,” said Burton.

Not long after, the lynx returned to the wild and disappeared into its own habitat. This was such a sight for Alison that she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was really a pleasant surprise!

To close and quote Alison’s last words, “Can’t believe this beautiful kitty just walked past my house.”

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