Beloved Baby Elephant Succumbs Despite Heroic Rescue Efforts Due to Veterinarian’s Unfortunate Absence

The heartbreaking tale of a baby elephant rescued from a dangerous fall into an exposed drain in Sri Lanka has concluded tragically.

The baby elephant, who captured hearts worldwide after its dramatic rescue, passed away when the veterinarian attending to it took a vacation.

This baby elephant, whose intense rescue was caught on camera, had suffered a severe leg injury from the fall. It was in a dire state at a transit home when it took its last breath.


According to BBC, the situation escalated when the veterinarian assigned to this baby elephant took a vacation on June 17.

The baby elephant who was rescued from an uncovered drain has died from injuries it sustained in the fall.

The officials were left scrambling, unsure of the procedures as the elephant’s condition took a turn for the worse.

Despite another vet being brought in on June 20, the young elephant couldn’t hold on and, sadly, passed away three days later.


The initial rescue video showcased a group of rescuers in Hambantota contemplating their next move after discovering the elephant stuck in the drain. The trapped baby elephant seemed visibly distressed, waiting for its rescue.

A group of rescuers was filmed standing around the drain, trying to figure out how best to rescue the elephant.

In the background, another elephant, likely its mother, watched anxiously from afar as the rescuers hustled.

One rescuer removed the paving around the drain, creating more room for the elephant to maneuver.


The rescue team fastened a rope around the elephant’s legs for leverage. With one man supporting under its legs, the baby elephant was carefully hoisted from the drain.

The rescuers tied ropes around the little elephant’s legs as they brought him up to the surface.

After being thoroughly examined, the baby elephant was transported to a nearby animal hospital for further treatment.

Located in southern Sri Lanka, Hambantota is a hotspot where numerous wild elephants wander unrestrictedly.

Following the elephant’s rescue, he was checked over and taken to a transit home, but his condition deteriorated.

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