Beloved Lion Couple Is Put To Sleep At The Same Time to Avoid Living Alone

In a poignant decision, the Los Angeles Zoo recently announced the simultaneous euthanization of two beloved lions, Hubert and Kalisa. Both aged 21, the inseparable couple had been grappling with declining health and age-related ailments that had significantly affected their quality of life.

Hubert, originally from Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, and Kalisa, who hailed from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, found each other’s companionship after their transfer to the Los Angeles Zoo in 2014. Their bond was undeniably strong, evident to both visitors and staff.

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Image credits: Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

LA Zoo spokesperson Beth Schaefer expressed, “These lions were not only charismatic individually but also inseparable as partners. Rarely did they spend a moment apart from each other,” she told Bored Panda.


Schaefer further explained that Hubert and Kalisa would often be seen resting together, cuddling, and nuzzling, completely focused on each other’s presence.

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Their love for one another captivated the zoo’s guests. It fostered a profound connection and empathy, as evident by the overwhelming support and cherished memories shared by the community on social media.

While lions in captivity often live up to 20-25 years, their counterparts in the wild typically have a lifespan of 12-16 years. Several factors contribute to this disparity.


In captivity, lions are shielded from predators, allowing them to spend their days without constant vigilance. While humans pose the greatest threat to lions, they also face challenges from cheetahs and hyenas that can steal their food.

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Captive lions have access to immediate medical care, unlike their wild counterparts, who must endure suffering if injured. In zoos, any injuries or ailments receive prompt attention and treatment.

Furthermore, environmental conditions play a significant role. Wild lions rely solely on nature for their well-being, making them vulnerable to factors like droughts that deplete water and food sources.

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In contrast, captive lions enjoy a consistent living environment with abundant food and water provided by dedicated zookeepers.

The Los Angeles Zoo’s decision to euthanize Hubert and Kalisa together, sparing them the anguish of separation and solitude, highlights the deep compassion and care extended to these magnificent creatures.

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