Bengal Tiger and Her Cubs Seek Refuge from Sweltering 44C Heat in Rajasthan, India.

The unbearable heat in Rajasthan, India, with temperatures reaching a scorching 44C, has forced local wildlife to seek refuge.

Among them are a Bengal tiger named Noor and her two young cubs, captured taking a cooling dip in a shallow pond.

Image 2022
We’ve got it licked: Tigress Noor treats he cubs to a leisurely grooming session in a shallow pool to escape the blistering 44C heat of the Indian summer

Just three months prior, Noor became a proud mother to these cubs. The family resided in a cave in the Ranthambore National Park, offering much-needed shelter from the blazing sun.


However, when the heat became intolerable, Noor took her cubs to the waterside for relief.

Image 2023
Thanks, Mum, that was really cool! Raring to go again after a soothing dip, a cub rewards Noor with an affectionate nuzzle

Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, hailing from Wales, captured this extraordinary sight. Rouse and his companions were the first people to observe the cubs. They came upon the mother and her playful cubs while out and about in the park.

“We stumbled upon her on the road. Soon after, we spotted her cubs – one was playfully prancing around. She gently picked it up with her mouth and guided her cubs to the water for a cool-down,” said Rouse.


“I’ve had countless wildlife experiences, but this is a standout moment. Witnessing something this rare is truly special.”

Image 2024
It ain’t ‘alf hot! The cubs look ready for a snooze, but Noor stays watchful to ward off any marauding crocodiles
A Real Mouthful Noor The Bengal Tiger Gives One Of Her Cubs A Dunking Left Before Taking A Moment To Herself As They Relax In The Pool Right
A real mouthful: Noor the Bengal tiger gives one of her cubs a dunking (left) before taking a moment to herself as they relax in the pool (right).
Image 2025
Play with me mum: One of the cubs clambers over its mother as she lies down in the shallow water, cooling off in the Indian national park
Image 2026
Following the leader: Mother Noor keeps a watchful eye out for predators as her three-month-old cubs scamper down the rocky slope behind her
Image 2027
You’re it! One of the cubs sneaks up on its sibling as the pair enjoy a splash in a shallow pond at Ranthambore National Park
Image 2028
Look at us, Mum! Noor is a little preoccupied as her two cubs play in the pond behind her. She kept them sheltered in a cave before their dip in the pool
Image 2029
Soaking wet: One of the cubs takes one last dunk in the water. Mr Rouse, who took the pictures, said it was an ‘extremely rare thing to see’

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