Bengal tiger cubs cuddle up to mum in adorable shots

It’s all about love and war in this batch of photographs, which chronicle the highs and lows of family life as a Bengal Tiger.
In the space of minutes, these cute cubs went from showing their teeth as they went hunting for food to snuggling up and posing for a perfect family paw-trait with their mother, Arrowhead.

Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse, 54, took the photographs at the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in India, where he spends his career dedicated to wildlife.

“This is the first time anyone has seen these cubs in such detail. These are some of the most unique photographs ever taken of a young family’s initial great adventure.”

“Arrowhead suddenly appeared on a small hill with the two cubs, walking cautiously behind her — they were shy and uneasy, but they still had enough mischief to have fun.

“It was a surreal feeling of delight as I had witnessed Arrowhead from the perspective of a young, nervous cub. She is truly a Royalty from Ranthambhore.