Big cat silhouette proves Disney classics The Jungle Book and The Lion King

This magnificent big cat formed conclusively that The Jungle Book and The Lion King aren’t entirely made up.
Some have claimed that the stunning photograph of a leopardess stepping out onto a rock ledge in Central Serengeti, Tanzania, against the sunset virtually mirrored The Lion King’s opening scene. In contrast, others felt it was more comparable to Bagheera from The Jungle Book.

Wildlife snapper Marc Mol, 60, from Tanzania, said he found the ‘majestic’ four-and-a-half-year-old female leopard majestic.

“High in Tanzania’s Serengeti reserve, a female leopard stepped out of her cave on Vultures Rock,” he added.

She stood on her raised platform for a moment as though to consider another gorgeous sunset in the Central Serengeti, having just nursed and fed her two 8-week-old cubs.

“She was born here, and she is now four and a half years old, having previously lost her first litter of cubs. I was ecstatic that she might mature at least one of the current litter to adulthood.”

“I waited for a night with the partial cloud so that the sunset would cast its heavenly rays to enhance her descending silhouette, having seen her more than once at this very location while documenting her and her two cubs’ lives over a 14-day period.

“I was ecstatic when this chance came along, and I’m especially grateful for the conjunction of terrestrial and heavenly events that allowed me to document this incredible moment in time.”