Brad Pitt Ends Divorce Battle with Angelina Jolie, Cites Pax Thien’s Influence

Brad Pitt’s prolonged divorce saga with Angelina Jolie finally sees a resolution, with the actor deciding to step away from the joint custody fight for his children.

The couple’s legal battle, which commenced in 2016, is now approaching its conclusion, as reported by Daily Mail on March 28.

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Initially, Pitt, born in 1963, had sought a 50/50 custody arrangement for their six children, countering Jolie’s desire for full custody.


However, recent developments indicate a shift in Pitt’s stance, with him no longer pursuing this matter. Consequently, Jolie, aged 49, is expected to retain primary custody, allowing Pitt visitation rights.

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A significant factor influencing Pitt’s decision is the age of their children, most notably their eldest, Maddox (23), Pax Thien (21), and Zahara (19), who are no longer bound by custody agreements. Only Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne remain minors, although Shiloh is set to turn 18 soon.

The relationship between Pitt and his children has been described as “distant,” particularly with Pax Thien, their adopted son of Vietnamese origin.


Reports suggest that Pax Thien has not communicated with Pitt since a 2016 incident on a private plane and no longer considers him a parent.

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In a revealing Instagram post in 2020, Pax Thien referred to Pitt using derogatory terms, signaling a strained relationship.

Similarly, Maddox and Zahara have demonstrated estrangement from Pitt, with Maddox reportedly viewing him as absent and Zahara removing his last name from hers.


Speculation arose previously that Jolie’s intention in prolonging the divorce battle was to retain custody until their children reached adulthood, preventing Pitt from intervening in their upbringing. However, Jolie’s associates refute this, asserting her aim is to facilitate healing and closure for the family.

Jolie has secured custody and emerged victorious in a legal dispute over shared property in France, including the Château Miraval estate.

During a recent Los Angeles hearing, the judge dismissed most of Pitt’s claims against Jolie, emphasizing their lack of legal basis.


Jolie’s lawyer, Paul Murphy, emphasized her lack of animosity towards Pitt and urged her to end the legal wrangling, advocating for healing and resolution for the family.

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