Brave Baby Elephant Opens Gate to Reunite with Adopted Herd

Love and affection can brighten anyone’s day, and it certainly holds for Khanyisa, a young elephant residing at the HERD Elephant Orphanage in South Africa.

In a heartwarming display of determination, Khanyisa managed to open the gate of her pen all by herself, driven by the longing to join her beloved herd.

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As soon as she freed herself, Khanyisa wasted no time and ran toward her family. However, her caretakers had to intervene momentarily to retrieve a blanket before accompanying her.

Upon reaching the herd, Khanyisa nestled between two adult elephants, reveling in their affectionate presence.

Og1 Impatient Baby Elephant Opens Gate By Herself To Go Visit Adopted Herd

The joyful encounter was accompanied by heart-melting moments of elephant snuggles as the herd enveloped Khanyisa with their protective embrace.


Interestingly, the herd displayed a keen sense of danger. Elephant Manager Owen revealed they had detected the scent of a nearby pride of lions, a group of approximately 15 individuals.

Thankfully, the lions headed in one direction while the wise elephants chose a different path, avoiding confrontation or harm.

Continuing their brisk stroll, the herd moved forward, with Khanyisa pausing to greet Owen. This little albino orphaned elephant concluded her eventful day by nursing her adopted mother elephant, finding solace and nourishment in their bond.


It was undoubtedly a triumphant day for this courageous young elephant, overcoming obstacles to reunite with her adoptive family.

Watch the video below:

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