Brave Baby Elephant Overcomes Water Fear with Support from Mom

In an endearing scene captured in the film, a young elephant embarks on a journey to conquer his fear of water with his caring mother.

This stream-crossing adventure is likely the first of its kind for the tiny elephant, who appears to be about the size of a German shepherd—comparatively small for an elephant.

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Accompanied by a herd of around ten other elephants, including adults and juveniles, the courageous duo encounters no obstacles while crossing the narrow, muddy stream.

While the rest of the elephants effortlessly navigate the water, the young elephant hesitates, repeatedly attempting to cross, only to retreat to safety.

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Yet, his mother remains steadfastly by his side, refraining from crossing the shallow creek herself.


She understands the importance of this learning experience for her son, recognizing that he must become accustomed to traversing streams and larger rivers.

The mother elephant attempts to nudge her hesitant calf forward, but he remains stubbornly unmoved. This situation may feel familiar to many mothers who have dealt with their children’s unwavering resistance.

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Was the baby elephant scared? Did he prefer the side of the river he was on? Or did he harbor fears of potential harm awaiting him in the water?


While the stream captured in the video is modest, resembling little more than a roadside ditch, elephants in the wild and on preserves often face more difficult water crossings.

A poignant example from 2014 occurred in Kenya, where a herd of elephants, facing heavy rain, crossed the treacherous Ewaso Nyiro River.

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Unfortunately, a young elephant similar in size to the one in this video was swept away and trapped against a rocky formation.


The already-crossed elephants worked together to rescue the stranded baby, demonstrating their incredible bond and collective instincts. Elephants are social creatures fiercely protective of one another.

The scene captured by Elenɑ Silinɑ, who filmed this heartwarming encounter, momentarily moves away as the elephants turn in her direction.

When the camera returns to focus, the little elephant bravely continues his journey, triumphantly crossing the dirt road after successfully navigating the stream.


This adorable video is a gentle reminder of the significance of patience and perseverance. The mother elephant couldn’t compel her calf to act against his will, but she knew losing her temper would be counterproductive.

Leaving her young one behind was never an option, as it would go against the fundamental principles of elephant behavior. Ultimately, this heartening tale showcases the power of love and resilience within an elephant herd.

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