Brave Blossom: Mobile Veterinary Unit Rescues Injured Elephant Near Governor’s Camp

A heartwarming rescue mission unfolded near Governor’s Camp in the Masai Mara Reserve, where Rangers and guides discovered an elderly elephant bull affectionately known as ‘Blossom’ facing a challenging situation.

Blossom had an arrowhead lodged at the base of his trunk and a suppurating wound on his right hind leg.

Concerned for his well-being, Masai Mara Reserve Rangers and Governor’s Camp guides promptly called in the mobile veterinary unit for assistance.

Despite the visible arrowhead, Blossom remained remarkably calm during the rescue. The veterinary team used 15 of Etorphine hydrochloride to achieve restraint, administered via a dan-inject dart from the foot.

Throughout the process, a protective young bull accompanied Blossom, demonstrating a remarkable bond between the two.

The young bull stood guard, making several mock charges before moving away. Blossom followed suit, succumbing to the anesthesia after covering close to 500 meters.

Once stabilized, a thorough examination revealed not one but two barbed arrowheads—one removed from the base of the trunk and another from the injured left thigh.

Both arrowheads were confirmed as non-poisoned, and the wounds were meticulously treated with water, hydrogen peroxide, and Tincture of Iodine.

Cloxacillin ointment was applied to ensure further disinfection, along with parenteral administration of 30,000 mgs of amoxicillin antibiotics and 5,000 mgs of flunixin meglumine anti-inflammatories.

The anesthesia’s successful reversal with 36mgs Diprenorphine hydrochloride allowed Blossom to wake up in three minutes, reuniting him with his protective companion.

This successful rescue highlights the vital role of dedicated veterinary teams in safeguarding the well-being of elephants like Blossom in the wild.

It also emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts to address challenges faced by wildlife.

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