Brave Elephant Fends Off Hyenas to Save Injured Calf in Breathtaking Encounter

In a remarkable display of parental instinct, an elephant fearlessly charged a group of hyenas attempting to attack its vulnerable calf.

47-year-old American photographer Jayesh Mehta documented the captivating scene in the Savuti region of Botswana’s Chobe National Park.

Image 202
Back off: This is the incredible moment an elephant came to the rescue of one of its babies being attacked by a pack of hyenas. Source: Daily Mail

Mehta recounted the experience, explaining that the sounds of distressed elephants led him and his team off the beaten track, where they discovered a pack of 12-14 hyenas pursuing a small herd of eight elephants.


The herd consisted of two adult females, a few teenagers, and a days-old calf that had already sustained injuries.

Image 203
Protective: As the hyenas begin to surround the elephant, she becomes aggressive in an attempt to protect her young calf, which has already been injured. Source: Daily Mail

As the elephants raced through the bush, the calf remained close to its mother, with the other elephants forming a protective circle around it during rest stops.

Despite their efforts, the persistent hyenas continued to dart in and bite the calf, especially its hindquarters.


The hyenas used a strategic approach, with some distracting the more enormous elephants while others attempted to snatch the calf.

Image 204
Determined: The elephant is seen charging at the hyenas to ward off its offspring. Source: Daily Mail
Image 205
Snapped: These amazing pictures were captured by American photographer Jayesh Mehta, 47, in the Savuti region of the Chobe National Park in Botswana. Source: Daily Mail

The adult elephants swung their trunks aggressively at the attackers but did not cause them any harm.

Mehta and his team followed the dramatic chase safely, avoiding interference in this natural struggle. After nearly an hour, the elephants finally managed to shake off the hyenas and escape.


Mehta described the unforgettable encounter as thrilling, filled with the sounds of the animals, the rough ride through the bush, and the dust kicked up by the elephants to conceal their location.

Image 206
Intimidating: The hyenas scattered as the elephant set about protecting its vulnerable calf. Source: Daily Mail
Image 207
Attack: ‘The hyenas were trying to get at the baby – which had already been injured by the time we got there,’ said the photographer. Source: Daily Mail
Image 208
Escape: During the chase, for almost an hour, the elephants managed to shake off the hyenas – but the hyenas found the elephants, and the chase resumed. Eventually, the elephants escaped. Source: Daily Mail
Image 209
Safe at last: The elephant calf stays near its parents after the vicious attack. Source: Daily Mail

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