Brave Makireti’s Road to Recovery: Rescued Elephant Overcomes Arrowhead Injury

In a distressing turn of events, Makireti, the orphaned elephant, recently returned to the Ithumba stockade with an arrowhead lodged in her left rib cage, causing her to bleed.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) swiftly responded to the emergency by airlifting a veterinarian to attend to Makireti, who was found inside the enclosure with fellow elephants.

Image 78

The rescue operation involved immobilizing Makireti, examining her, and providing necessary treatment.


A dan-inject dart containing 10 milligrams of Etorphine was prepared and successfully administered within the enclosure. Makireti moved briefly before gently collapsing on her right side just outside the enclosure.

Image 79

Under the careful attention of the vet, the arrowhead was delicately loosened and removed. The wound underwent thorough cleansing with a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide, followed by the application of a tincture of iodine.

Makireti received Oxytetracycline spray, and the wound was covered with green clay. Intravenous administration of long-acting antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs followed.


Encouragingly, the prognosis for Makireti is optimistic. She woke up gently, surrounded by her supportive elephant companions, signaling the start of her journey to recovery.

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The dedicated DSWT team remains vigilant, ensuring Makireti receives the attentive care she needs during this critical period.

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