Brave Mini Pig Defends Farm Animals by Challenging Black Bear on Vancouver Island

In a remarkable act of bravery, a fearless mini pig named Barbie Q confronted a black bear to protect her fellow farm animals on Vancouver Island. The astonishing encounter was captured on the farm’s security camera.

The footage from June 18 shows Barbie Q patiently waiting in her pen as the massive black bear approaches slowly.

Undeterred, the courageous pig charges at the intruder, using her snout to fend off the bear and ensure the safety of the other animals.


The farm’s owner, Crystal Walls, was not present at the time of the incident. It was the house-sitter who noticed a possible breach in the farmyard fence.

The heroic pig defended its farmyard family from a black bear on Vancouver Island earlier this month

Walls reviewed the surveillance footage and were amazed to witness Barbie Q’s heroic actions. Walls shared her astonishment with CBC News, saying, “Lo and behold, there was our little mini pig Barbie Q fighting off a bear.”

Evidently intimidated by Barbie Q’s boldness, the bear quickly retreated, leaving the other animals unharmed.


Interestingly, Walls mentioned that Barbie Q, who usually enjoys affectionate moments with her owner, attempted to herd the other animals safely after they had come too close to the bear.

Barbie Q was caught squaring up to the intruder before charging and sending the bear packing

This protection act was uncharacteristic of the usually timid pig, raised inside the farmhouse and typically fled from the farm’s goats.

Walls expressed her surprise, stating, “I did not think that something of her size would even attempt to charge [the bear].”


Barbie Q’s remarkable display of courage earned her a reward of fruit salad and plenty of belly rubs from her appreciative owner.

Brave Barbie Q, then charged at the beast with her snout, causing the bear to flee without harming the other animals

Christy Brookes, the house-sitter, shared her observations with CHEK News, noting that Barbie Q has since become more assertive.

“She’ll try to be the boss of anyone. She is the boss of me,” Brookes said. She admired Barbie Q’s valor, stating, “I love her even more. She is a star.”


In summary, a pint-sized pig named Barbie Q fearlessly defended her farmyard companions by confronting a black bear on Vancouver Island.

The bear sat down in contemplation after being charged before leaving shortly afterwardΒ 

The extraordinary encounter, captured on camera, showcases the miniature pig’s bravery and determination to protect her fellow animals.

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