A Brave Mother Elephant Defends Baby from Crocodile in Incredible Safari Encounter

When we think of elephants, their calm nature and non-aggressive behavior usually come to mind. However, there are rare instances when these majestic creatures display remarkable acts of protectiveness.

During a safari in Zambia, Africa, a tourist captured an extraordinary moment on videoβ€”a face-off between an elephant and a crocodile.

Watch the video at the end.


While elephants are generally known for their caring and peaceful nature, female elephants can become hostile in certain situations, particularly if their calves are in danger or under attack by another animal.

There have been numerous reports of elephants defending their young by attacking other animals, such as buffaloes or rhinoceroses. There was even an incident where an elephant threw a hippopotamus into the air!

The crocodile was lurking near the water’s edge on the Zambezi River in Zambia when a large female African elephant spotted it.

In this encounter, the mother elephant had her own reasons for confronting the crocodile. It is well-known that crocodiles never miss an opportunity to hunt, and they see baby elephants as easy prey.


The mother elephant was determined to protect her baby and wasn’t taking any chances. She expressed her displeasure upon finding the crocodile near her little one.

With her powerful head and trunk (as she didn’t have tusks), the mother elephant fearlessly pushed the crocodile, showing her fury and resolve. She relentlessly trampled the reptile until it ceased its movement.

The dramatic video shows the elephant stamping on the crocodile, which looks to be between eight and ten feet long.

The crocodile was no match for the protective instincts and sheer strength of the mother elephant, who handled it like a mere ragdoll.


This awe-inspiring encounter is a powerful reminder never to cross paths with a mother elephant!

Despite not having tusks, the elephant used her weight to crush the predator under the water. Eventually, the elephant grabs the crocodile by its tail.

Watch the video below:

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