Brave Policeman Rescues Stranded Bear Cub in White Mountain National Park

In the heart of New Hampshire lies the stunning White Mountain National Park, home to around 5,000 bears.

This picturesque park is a magnet for nature enthusiasts from around the globe who come to bask in its natural splendor.

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One ordinary day, while on his routine patrol, Trooper Thomas Owans had an encounter that was anything but ordinary.


He was drawn to an unusual sight as he cruised along the park’s roads. A mother bear and her four adorable cubs attempted to cross the road repeatedly.

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The mother bear displayed remarkable determination in coaxing one of her cubs, a frail and struggling little one, to keep up with the rest of the family. Despite her persistent efforts, the cub couldn’t summon the strength to continue.

It was a difficult situation for the weak cub, and its mother’s attempts to motivate it were in vain. Eventually, she had no choice but to leave it behind and lead the others into the forest.


The tiny cub had run out of energy to carry on. Trooper Owans, known for his compassion toward animals, couldn’t bear to see the young cub left in such a vulnerable state. He contacted the “New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife” authorities without hesitation.

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Swiftly responding to the call, the wildlife experts determined that the cub needed immediate attention at a rehabilitation center. The fragile cub required extensive care and treatment to recover.

Owans couldn’t help but worry that the mother might return, hoping to reunite with her cub. However, nature can be unforgiving, and when a mother senses that her cub is ailing, she often abandons it.


Owans understood that the cub’s chances of survival were slim without intervention. It was too young and feeble to fend for itself.

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Thankfully, the rescue team arrived quickly, ensuring the cub received the necessary care. With proper treatment, the cub’s chances of returning to the forest to reunite with its family looked promising.

The dedicated team affirmed that the cub had received the necessary treatment and expressed confidence that it would soon rejoin its family in the forest.

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