Brave Rescue Operation Unfolds: Saving an Injured Elephant in Amboseli’s Wilderness

In a heartbreaking incident within the expansive wilderness of Amboseli, a majestic elephant faced distress after falling victim to a brutal spear attack.

The commendable efforts of the Big Life Foundation Rangers, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) Operation Center Kaluku, and a dedicated veterinary unit from Amboseli unveiled a remarkable tale of rescue and rehabilitation.

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The distressing situation was first noticed by vigilant Big Life Foundation Rangers, who promptly reported it to the DSWT Operation Center Kaluku.


A compassionate vet leading a swift response team collaborated with the Big Life Foundation Operation Centre to pinpoint the elephant’s location.

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Approaching the scene, two support vehicles accompanied the vet unit, with BLF rangers on standby for any urgent needs.

Despite being alone and moving sluggishly, the distressed elephant surprisingly showed no signs of aggression.


A carefully aimed dart was administered from a safe distance to minimize stress on the weakened animal.

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Upon close inspection, the vet team discovered a severe wound parallel to the spine, about ten centimeters deep, displaying signs of a three to four-day-old injury.

Located in the mid-right chest area, the wound posed a significant threat to the elephant’s well-being.


During the examination, air was detected rushing out through the wound with the elephant’s breathing.

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The air source remained a mysterious concern, whether from the pleural cavity or just beneath the skin.

The vet team cleansed the wound with surgical precision using Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodine.


To prevent infections, 10 grams of Cloxacillin antibacterial ointment were carefully infused, followed by generous packing with green wet clay to aid tissue regeneration and deter oxpeckers and flies.

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A comprehensive treatment plan followed, featuring a topical spray of Tetracycline wound spray and injections of a broad-spectrum antibiotic (30000mgs Tetracycline), a metabolic stimulant (100ml Cyanocobalamine), and an anti-inflammatory (50ml Flunixin Meglumine) in various muscle sites.

Despite the frailty of the wounded giant, the vet team remained cautiously optimistic. The severity of the spear wound raised concerns about potential penetration into the pleural cavity, highlighting the uphill battle for the elephant’s recovery.


This gripping narrative unfolds against Amboseli’s untamed beauty, emphasizing the vital role dedicated wildlife conservationists play in preserving these majestic creatures’ lives.

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The journey to heal this wounded soul serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by elephants in the wild and the unwavering commitment of those striving to protect and save them.

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