Breaking Free: 54 Elephants Liberated from Chains, Embracing a New Beginning

Saengduean Lek Chailert, a passionate wildlife activist from Thailand and the founder of the “Save Elephant Foundation,” has dedicated her efforts to free elephants from the confines of the Chokchai Elephant Camp.

This camp, known for its elephant shows and rides, once hosted around 80 elephants that entertained tourists daily.

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Sadly, circumstances took a turn for the worse when the camp experienced a decline in visitors, leaving the elephants without work. The resulting lack of income led to a food shortage and the neglect of these innocent creatures.

To make matters worse, some elephants were sold as their owners could no longer afford to care for them, while others sought to generate revenue for their struggling businesses.

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With the elephants no longer serving as a source of entertainment, they were left continuously chained. Consequently, Chailert was able to rescue only 54 elephants from the camp.


Among the rescued elephants were baby elephants who had been separated from their mothers at a tender age and subjected to chains.

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As Chailert arrived at the Chokchai Elephant Camp, her first priority was to reunite these young ones with their nurturing mothers.

Finally, after enduring years of bondage, the majestic and beautiful group of 54 elephants was set free. While this achievement is undoubtedly remarkable, the elephants still face significant challenges.

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Having spent their lives in chains, rehabilitating them for life in the wild will require time and patience.

Nonetheless, this release marks a positive step towards a promising future for these incredible creatures.

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