British parrot missing for 4 years returns and speaks Spanish

I know that parrots can talk. However, I have never heard of a bilingual parrot, but this parrot definitely changed my mind.

Nigel is a gray African parrot that disappeared from its British owner’s home in Torrance, California. But to Darren Chick’s surprise, four years later, he is reunited with his bird discovered in the same town. Only this time, the parrot has a different accent.

When it flew away, the gray parrot spoke with a British accent, but when he was found, he spoke Spanish. Nigel was found by Julia Sperling, a dog-grooming owner.

“He is the happiest bird. He sings and talks uncontrollably. He barked like dogs,” she said. “I’m from Panama, and he was saying, ‘What happened? “In Spanish.”

The first woman thought he was a missing pet in an advertisement she saw. But after visited the vet, Julia realized her mistake, and then she tried to track down his original owner.

“I introduced myself and said, ‘Have you lost a bird? “At first, he said no. But he thought I meant it recently. He looked at me like I was crazy,” the woman said.

Darren claimed he didn’t know where his beloved bird has been for the past four years, but he says, “it’s peculiar. I knew it was him from the moment I saw it.”

Despite speaking with a Spanish accent, the owner could not hide his happiness at being reunited with Nigel. “He’s doing perfectly,” he said.

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