Brutus Unleashed: The Dinner Table-Bound Grizzly Bear Weighing 800lbs

For most of us, our faithful companions are often cats or dogs. But wildlife enthusiast Casey Anderson shares a more unorthodox bond with Brutus, an imposing 800-pound grizzly bear he’s reared from birth.

Inseparable, Casey’s bond with Brutus transcends the boundaries of a conventional pet-owner relationship. This connection became apparent when Brutus served as the best man at Anderson’s wedding to actress Missi Pyle, famed for her role in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

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Brutus is more than a bear to Anderson; he’s family. He’s often seen lounging around the kitchen table and even shared the limelight with Pyle on the silver screen.

While this might sound surreal, Casey and National Geographic have confirmed these scenes are not a product of digital manipulation but are very much accurate.

Brutus is never left out and even joins in the Anderson family Thanksgiving activities. Source: Grizzly Creek Films

Anderson told Good Morning America, “He’s my best friend. He gives me unconditional love.” Casey hopes to change public perception about bears, often wrongly labeled as human-eating beasts. Contrary to this misconception, bears generally avoid human interaction.


“Bears are intelligent, have personalities, and according to my experience, they can even shed tears,” said Anderson.

He believes we can peacefully coexist with these magnificent creatures as we respect their boundaries and environment.

Naturalist Casey Anderson is so close to 800-pound Brutus that when he wed actress Missy Pyle last year, the grizzly bear acted as best man. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Brutus and Anderson set out on a year documentary called Grizzly Expedition which chronicles the lives of Yellowstone Park’s bears. Source: Grizzly Creek Films

Anderson’s devotion to these animals fueled his year-long venture, “Expedition Grizzly,” in collaboration with National Geographic.


This project seeks to dispel misconceptions about grizzly bears while highlighting humans’ impact on their habitats.

The documentary showcases Anderson’s life among Yellowstone National Park bears, surviving extreme conditions and observing their behavior through different seasons.

The couple would never have dreamed of leaving Brutus out of their nuptials. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Anderson insists grizzlies are misunderstood and aims to educate the public about the real nature of the creatures. Source: Grizzly Creek Films

This journey underlined Anderson’s commitment to conservation, inspiring him to create the Montana Grizzly Encounter animal sanctuary.


Anderson and Brutus’ remarkable friendship began in a wildlife park seven years prior. Born in an overpopulated reserve, Brutus was destined for lifelong captivity or destruction.

Recognizing the cub’s plight, Anderson adopted Brutus, allowing him to experience life as a “real bear.”

Actress Pyle, in sync with her husband’s passion, also formed a unique bond with Brutus. He even starred in her acclaimed film “Pretty Ugly People.” Grizzly bears, inherently intelligent and curious, pose no harm to humans unless threatened.

Anderson’s relationship with Brutus began seven years ago when the cub was taken to an over-populated nature reserve and faced being destroyed. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Anderson said it was his mission to raise awareness of the struggles bears face on a daily basis. Source: Grizzly Creek Films

Their diet primarily consists of vegetarian food, but they also scavenge other animals’ kills. These magnificent creatures, consuming 35 pounds of food daily, can weigh up to 1,200 pounds.

The pair are so close they do everything together, including cooling off in the bath. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Too cool for a pool: Brutus is allowed to roam and swim wherever he likes. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Little Brutus has become an integral part of the family and loves human contact. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
The best friends take a much-needed break during filming. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Anderson reveals bears, like humans, are intelligent and feel emotion and love. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Brutus stars in the National Geographic documentary and stays by his best friend’s side throughout filming. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Brutus shows his strength and gentle nature as he gives his special friend another high five. Source: Grizzly Creek Films
Man and beast have formed a lifelong friendship. Source: Grizzly Creek Films

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