Calm Kerala Bus Driver Maneuvers Wild Elephant Encounter Like a Pro

Encounters with wild animals along lush green pathways happen daily, but keeping a cool head during such situations can be crucial to avoid dangerous outcomes.

A video from Kerala showcases a remarkable incident where a bus driver’s composure in the face of a wild elephant blocking the road becomes an inspiring example.

Watch the video at the end.


The video making rounds on social media captures the moment when a KSRTC bus driver encountered an elephant obstructing the road.

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The driver’s quick thinking and composed demeanor shine through as he encourages passengers to remain calm, easing their tension.

At first, the elephant stands still before the bus, causing it to halt. After a moment, the elephant steps back, allowing the bus to move. However, as the bus inches forward, the elephant reappears, crossing the narrow path again.

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Throughout this tense scenario, the driver remains steadfast, urging everyone to stay calm. The elephant even approaches dangerously close to the bus while the driver’s reassurances continue.

Eventually, the elephant decides to leave, but the narrow road hinders the driver’s escape. Both sides of the road are filled with patiently waiting vehicles. It takes about two minutes for the elephant to retreat into the forest.

Seizing the opportunity, the Kerala bus driver begins to move the vehicle, keeping a watchful eye on the elephant’s departure.


The bus driver reportedly advises passengers to draw the curtains if they feel uneasy and to remain calm.

He’s familiar with the elephant and notes that this isn’t the first time the animal has caused such a roadblock.

The video received widespread praise on social media. Users admire the driver’s peaceful approach and quick thinking.


Comments translate the driver’s reassurances, revealing his familiarity with the elephant and his instructions for the passengers not to fear. This incident stands as an example of conflict resolution through communication.

This incident occurred on a route passing through the Sholayar Reserve forest, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of humans and wildlife in these lush regions.

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