Captivating Moments: Rare Siberian Tigers Captured Roaming Free in Snowy Wilderness

Sascha Fonseca, a dedicated wildlife photographer originally from Germany, has brought to light the captivating world of Siberian tigers through his innovative use of DSLR camera traps.

While his journey started in Germany, his passion for capturing nature’s beauty led him to Dubai.

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In a picturesque December of 2021, Sascha strategically placed a camera trap within the birch forests of eastern Russia, resulting in a breathtaking image of a majestic Siberian tiger within its natural snowy habitat.


The image, resembling a scene from a fantastical movie, showcases the tiger adorned by pristine white snow, accentuating its magnificence.

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Utilizing DSLR camera traps provides Sascha unprecedented access to elusive wildlife, a feat nearly impossible through conventional means.

He explains, “Tigers are primarily active at night, making their photography arduous. Months or even years of patient waiting might not yield a single image. Camera traps change this.”


Sascha’s expertise with camera traps led to an extraordinary encounter with an unidentified male Siberian tiger. His contribution was so significant that he was granted the honor of naming the tiger.

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Fondly named Leo, after the distinctive L-shaped pattern on its cheekbone, the tiger’s name also pays homage to Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

Sascha said, “A male Siberian tiger passed by my camera trap deep in the forests of Far East Russia. It turned out that it was an unknown male, which had not been documented yet.


So, the researchers I worked with during my camera trap project invited me to give him a name. It’s a special honor and connects you with the animal personally.”

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Siberian tigers, the giant globally and inhabitants of North Korea, China’s northeast, and Russia’s Far East, face the looming threat of extinction due to rampant poaching.

With fewer than 400 of these majestic creatures left in the wild, they are classified as severely endangered.


Through his art, Sascha Fonseca aims to raise awareness about the urgent need for wildlife and environmental conservation.

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Join the cause by sharing this remarkable tale with your friends and family, contributing to preserving these extraordinary animals and their natural habitats.

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