Captivating Portraits of Majestic White Lions’ Manes by Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photographer Simon Needham, based in Los Angeles, is using his talents to raise awareness about endangered species.

Recently, he had the incredible opportunity to revisit Glen Garriff Conservation in South Africa and capture breathtaking images of the white lions under their care.

While at Glen Garriff Conservation, Needham got up close to these magnificent creatures, capturing their striking coloration and graceful presence in his portraits.

While often mistaken for albino lions, white lions result from a recessive genetic mutation known as leucism. Both parents must carry the recessive gene for a cub to be born with a white coat.

In one of Needham’s stunning photographs, we see a white lion basking peacefully in the sunlight, radiating a sense of tranquility.

In an interview with The Modern Met, Needham shared, “At GG Conservation, they have several white lions, but they are rare in the wild.

Their coloring results from a genetic mutation, requiring two copies of the gene for the white coat to appear. These white lions belong to the subspecies of African lions known as Panthera leo.”

Beyond the lens of a camera, these portraits capture more than just a visual spectacle. Look into the piercing blue eyes of the lions, and you can sense their intelligence and determination.

As the saying goes, “The eyes never lie,” especially regarding white lions. It’s fascinating how these predators command such respect and awe, making people stop to admire their majestic presence.

If you haven’t witnessed a lion’s roar, it’s an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket listβ€”a sight and sound that will send shivers down your spine.

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