Captivating Trust: Jabu the Elephant’s Heartwarming Moment During Eye Treatment

In a touching display of trust, Jabu, a majestic elephant at the Elephant Rescue Centre in Botswana, recently allowed his caretaker to administer eye treatment with remarkable ease.

The heartening scene was caught on camera, showcasing the extraordinary bond between Jabu and his dedicated keeper.

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The awe-inspiring footage unfolds as Jabu obediently lies down following his keeper’s gentle command.


With a calm demeanor, the caretaker approaches, touching Jabu’s leg and instructing him to lie down.

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The massive elephant gracefully complies, lowering his hind legs to the ground—the keeper, expressing appreciation, rewards Jabu with a handful of food and affectionate pats.

Moving closer, the caretaker examines Jabu’s eye, satisfied to observe signs of healing. With a small bottle of antibiotic drops, he leans towards Jabu’s face.


Despite flies and a noticeable redness in Jabu’s eye, the caretaker expertly administers the treatment.

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Throughout the procedure, encouragement is shared, and Jabu responds playfully, eagerly awaiting additional treats.

As the caretaker continues the eye treatment, it becomes evident that Jabu’s eye is irritated and red.


The keeper’s careful application of drops aims to alleviate the discomfort. Once the procedure concludes, the heartwarming moment is sealed with treats and affection.

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The video, originally filmed in December, recently resurfaced online. Managed by the Living with Elephants Foundation, the Elephant Rescue Centre noticed Jabu’s watery eye and decided on a three-dose daily antibiotic treatment.

Post-treatment, Jabu, the dominant bull of his herd, successfully stands back on his feet, signifying a positive outcome.


Jabu’s life story involves overcoming the challenges of losing his parents during a culling operation in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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Standing at an impressive 11.4 feet (3.5 meters) and weighing 5.5 tons at 31 years old, Jabu faces health hurdles, including an eye infection, wrist injury, and osteoarthritis from a past confrontation.

Fans can anticipate seeing Jabu and his herd members in the upcoming Animal Planet TV series, “Dodo Heroes,” set to air in June.

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