Caught Napping: Fearless Lions Trade Savanna for Trees to Flee Pesky Flies!

Lions, known as one of the most formidable creatures on earth, were recently found taking refuge in an unexpected location – up in trees!

And it wasn’t a threat from a wild stampede that drove them to such heights, but a buzzing menace – a cloud of irritating flies.

15 Fully Grown Lions Pictured Seeking Solace 15 Feet Up A Tree14
The bizarre moment an entire pride of lions decided to take a kip – 15 feet up a tree. At least 15 of the beasts were caught on camera lounging on the branches of a sturdy tree in Central Serengeti, Tanzania.

Bobby-Jo Clow, an accomplished Australian photographer, captured this unusual sight. He encountered this peculiar scene while conducting a safari in Tanzania’s central Serengeti.


The astonishing photographs reveal lions, some teetering rather unsteadily on branches, trying to catch a few moments of peaceful slumber.

15 Fully Grown Lions Pictured Seeking Solace 15 Feet Up A Tree13
Hakuna Matata: The pride of female lions and their offspring climb up the tree to both escapes flies and seek shade from the sun.
Room For One More Nah Maybe Not One Male Lion Tries To Find His Way Up The Tree But Its Proving To Be Pretty Packed
Room for one more? Nah, maybe not: One male lion tries to find his way up the tree – but it’s proving to be pretty packed.
Image 107
Life doesn’t get any better than this: In the cool of the shade – and away from the pesky ground flies – the lions can finally relax.

Clow, 32, excitedly narrated the encounter: “Our guide located the tree-bound pride. Fortunately, we were in a position that allowed us to get intimate shots of the lions.

We were so close we could hear their communication and snores resonating from the tree.”


Watching the powerful cats, often associated with grace and agility, appear clumsy as they shuffled about was both humorous and spectacular, added Clow.

Keeping An Eye Out This Majestic Beast Tries To Stare Out Her Airborne Nemesis While The Rest Of Her Pride Settles In On A Tree Trunk
Keeping an eye out: This majestic beast tries to stare out her airborne nemesis while the rest of her pride settles in on a tree trunk.
Image 108
Just hanging around: Despite being as much as 15 feet off the ground, this lion still wasn’t happy – with flies still visible around her head.
Any Spot Will Do Whatever Space Is Free On The Busy Tree Seems To Be Comfortable Enough For These Lions With This Lion Right Satisfied
Any spot will do: Whatever space is free on the busy tree seems to be comfortable enough for these lions, with this lion (right) satisfied.

The guide attributed this uncharacteristic behavior to recent rains that had led to a growth spurt in the grass, providing a thriving environment for insects.

The lions had taken to the trees to escape the swarming bugs.

15 Fully Grown Lions Pictured Seeking Solace 15 Feet Up A Tree4
The incredible series of photographs were taken on a stretch of rich grassland in Tanzania by Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow.
15 Fully Grown Lions Pictured Seeking Solace 15 Feet Up A Tree3
Just dreaming the days away: The lionesses take some time out from hunting and washing to catch a nap high up in the air.
No Room At The Inn Despite Being The Alpha Male Of The Pride This Lion Left Is Told To Sling His Hook When He Tries To Join The Cubs And Lionesses Some Of Whom Slept Through The Whole Thing Right
No room at the inn: Despite being the alpha male of the pride, this lion (left) is told to sling his hook when he tries to join the cubs and lionesses – some of whom slept through the whole thing (right).

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