Charming Interplay of Newborn Tiger Cubs and Their Mother Interrupted by Playtime

A heartwarming video from October 2021, captured at a zoo in the UK, reveals two newborn Amur tiger cubs immersed in a playful encounter with their mother.

The video showcases one daring cub clambering up its mother’s back, making a bold journey to her head. Not stopping there, the playful cub takes a playful nibble at the tigress’s ears, disrupting her peaceful slumber.

Watch the video at the end.


The brave cub spins around and bounds off its mother’s expansive back. This endearing tiger family resides at the esteemed Banham Zoo in Norwich.

Additional footage, masterfully captured by Talvinder Chohan, a 40-year-old business development manager and skilled photographer, portrays the two tired cubs attempting to snooze on their mother’s back before being abruptly awakened.

One of the roused, dozing cubs tries to reestablish its comfortable position but quickly loses interest, becoming captivated by something else, and is spotted darting off into the grass.


Mr. Chohan shared his photography philosophy: “Capturing wildlife or zoo animals in photography is all about patience because you’re working on the animal’s schedule.

I must wait and attempt to foresee their next moves. Years of observation and experience have honed my predictive abilities.

I appreciate the contrast between the tigress’s strength and her gentle nature. Photos like these can assist in fostering a connection with and appreciation for tigers, paving the way for their conservation for the pleasure, knowledge, and betterment of future generations.”


The magnificent creatures can have a lifespan of up to 20 years. These majestic beasts can reach lengths of 80 inches, with a tail adding another 30 inches, and weigh as much as 670 pounds.

As per National Geographic, tigers are the largest of all wild felines. Nine different tiger subspecies once roamed the earth, with three becoming extinct in the last century.

Poaching presents a serious threat to the survival of Amur tigers, like the playful cubs. These tigers, also known as Siberian, primarily inhabit Russia’s birch forests. However, some populations can also be found in parts of China and North Korea.


“These cubs are residents of Banham Zoo, which allows for reasonably close contact, but it’s crucial to maintain a respectful distance to avoid causing any disturbance,” Mr. Chohan noted.

“The gratifying response online and on social media confirmed my belief that these moments captured were indeed special. Tigers continue to face threats like poaching, habitat loss, and human-animal conflict.

However, we can find hope in the slight resurgence of certain populations, particularly India’s Bengal tiger.”


Watch the video below:

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