Chevy Home Wrecker Ratrod Truck

For many of us, rust is simply seen as a layer of dirt – nothing more. But have you ever wondered what rust actually is and why it forms? Let’s dive into the details and enlighten ourselves!

The reddish brown coat we commonly see is actually the result of iron and its alloys corroding and oxidizing. Rust, technically known as Hydrated Iron Oxide, forms when iron reacts with oxygen and water, a process called oxidation.

While most people consider rust undesirable, it becomes highly desirable when it comes to rat rods. Rust is the coolest detail of a rat rod, and one can’t imagine a rat rod without it.


In today’s video, we’re showcasing a special rat rod completely covered in rust, known as the Home Wrecker. This awesome machine looks insanely cool and has everything a rat rod should have.

Watch the video closely, paying attention to every second, and appreciate the intricate details of this impressive rat rod. If you can’t own a rat rod like this one, try not to become too enamored with it!

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