China’s Enchanting Debut: Rare Baby White Tigers Capture Hearts at Qingdao Zoo

A delightful surprise awaits visitors at Qingdao Zoo this Spring Festival, as a pair of five-month-old white tiger cubs, one of them boasting a pristine snow-white coat without any stripes, are set to make their public debut in February.

These adorable cubs, born to proud parents who arrived at the zoo in May 2012, were welcomed into the world by their mother at four in July last year.

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Ensuring the cubs’ well-being is paramount, with dedicated zoo staff providing meticulous care round-the-clock.

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Wang Xinhua, a devoted zookeeper, shared insights into their daily routine, revealing, “We have arranged shifts to watch the cubs around the clock to ensure their healthy growth.”

The cubs, displaying hearty appetites, devour a daily diet of one and a half kilograms of beef and ten chicken necks, ensuring they thrive under their keepers’ watchful eyes.

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Nestled in an air-conditioned environment with a constant temperature of approximately 25 degrees Celsius, the cubs’ habitat is meticulously maintained for comfort and hygiene.

Wang emphasized, “Their cage is regularly sterilized,” ensuring a clean and safe living space for the rare felines.

White tigers, a rare variant of the Bengal tiger, hold a special allure with their snow-white coats and scarce presence in the wild.


With only seven snow-white tigers residing in Chinese zoos and approximately a hundred worldwide, witnessing their enchanting presence is a rare privilege.

These magnificent creatures are designated as first-grade State protected animals in China, highlighting the importance of their conservation.

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