Clever Diver Helps Baby Octopus Swap Plastic Cup for a Safer Home

Pall Sigurdsson’s unplanned encounter during a diving expedition near Indonesia led to an unexpected mission.

While exploring the ocean floor, he stumbled upon a coconut octopus sheltering inside a transparent plastic cup.

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The sight of underwater litter saddened Sigurdsson, but he realized this piece of garbage directly threatened marine life.

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The plastic cup offered no protection to the octopus and could even attract predators seeking an easy meal.

Determined to assist, Sigurdsson and his group got to work. Amidst dwindling oxygen supplies, they scoured the seafloor in search of a suitable alternative home for the octopus. They patiently presented various clamshells until the octopus found one to its liking.

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Time was of the essence due to their depleting oxygen, but their efforts paid off as the octopus made its choice.

Coconut octopuses are known for their selective shell preferences, searching quite a process.

Though the octopus found safety, the issue of pollution in its habitat persists. Sigurdsson emphasizes the staggering amount of debris on the ocean floor, often overshadowed by the focus on visible floating plastics.

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He shares, “The amount of rubbish on the bottom is staggering, and I spend a lot of time diving ocean floors worldwide.”

Annually, 4.8 to 12.7 metric tons of plastic infiltrate the world’s waters, endangering various species.

Amidst this daunting problem, the tale of the tiny octopus’s struggle for a secure home sheds light on the more significant issue of pollution.

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