Clever Elephant Stops Potato Truck on Indian Highway for a Quick Snack

A resourceful elephant displayed intelligence when it stopped a truck full of potatoes on an Indian highway to enjoy a mouthful of the cargo.

The shocking incident occurred in the Garhbeta forest, West Bengal, eastern India.

Watch the video at the end.


The elephant strategically positioned itself before the truck, preventing it from moving forward. It skillfully removed the tarp and grabbed a generous helping of potatoes using its trunk.

Witnessing the unusual scene, other truck drivers captured the two-minute event on their phones.

Image 367
Thankless Tusk: The lorry driver was halted by the elephant on the motorway in Garhbeta forest. Source: Daily Mail
Image 368
Explosion: The full-grown elephant was undeterred by the crackers set off by drivers. Source: Daily Mail

They attempted to scare the elephant away by throwing firecrackers, but the determined animal remained unfazed.


Even the noise of shouting truckers failed to deter the elephant from its potato feast.

Finally, after satisfying its appetite, the elephant retreated into the woods, leaving everyone unharmed.

Image 369
Don’t mind if I do: The beast calmly peeled back the tarpaulin before taking some potatoes out. Source: Daily Mail
Image 370
Escape: Eventually, it left into the wood after filling its belly with a free meal. No one was hurt. Source: Daily Mail

Watch the video below:


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